The Teen and Young Adult Care Center

Drug Prevention/Abuse Resources

  • Above the Influence
    An interactive website for teens offering videos and valuable insights on staying drug free, handling peer pressure, doctor Q&A, and advice from teens for teens on behalf of the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign.

  • SADD
    Students Against Destructive Decisions (formally known as Students Against Drunk Driving)

    Help for teens who drink or use drugs and all those who love them!

  • What’s Driving You?
    An interactive, thought-provoking, educational experience for young adults who are concerned about drinking and driving.

  • Beacon Street Girls
    The award-winning Beacon Street Girls book series is committed to the health and well-being of ‘tween’ girls (age 9 -13). Book 7 in the series, entitled Freaked Out  includes frank discussions about peer pressure and alcohol use, as well as Dr. Knight’s Top ten Reasons why drinking alcohol is dangerous for young people

  • Contract for Life
    Students Against Destructive Decisions’ (SADD) Contract for Life asks you to agree never to accept a ride from a driver who has been drinking alcohol or using other drugs, and to always wear a seat belt. Our center suggests that you and your parents have a discussion about this contract, and make a plan for safe rides home.

  • Pledge for Life
    SADD’s Pledge for Life is designed to keep you (age 18+) safe from either driving after drinking, accepting a ride from an impaired driver, or walking home alone. It asks you to identify 3 friends or family members willing to serve as a ‘committed other’. The designated ‘committed other’ agrees to help you get home safely if called.