Medical Laboratory


Consultation hours are available to discuss medical and behavioral issues that are too complex to fully address at routine sick or well visits. Please call in advance to schedule these visits.


(301) 564-5880

We have a fully accredited medical laboratory in the office, staffed by a full-time medical technologist. The in-house laboratory enhances patient care by facilitating quick and accurate diagnoses.


Testing is performed using microtechnique, so that only small quantities of blood are required from infants and smaller children. A rigorous quality control program is implemented with outside verification of our lab's accuracy. We are certified by both state and federal agencies.


Depending on your insurance plan, labs may need to be sent to a designated commercial laboratory; if so, arrangements for this are usually coordinated through our office.

      Non-urgent calls for medical advice, lab results, prescription refills:


Our well-trained nursing staff can handle a variety of questions. If for some reason you would like to speak directly to a particular physician, the message will be relayed and your call will be returned at the earliest opportunity.


Since most scheduling of sick visits takes place in early morning when the phones are at their busiest, we request that non-urgent calls, including those for lab results and prescription refills, be phoned in after 10:30 A.M. during regular hours Monday-Friday. (301) 564-5883

The Teen and Young Adult Care Center



We have clinical privileges at area hospitals, including:

  • Children's National Medical Center

  • Holy Cross Hospital

  • John's Hopkins Health System

  • Shady Grove Adventist Hospital

  • Sibley Memorial Hospital